Creating the perfect walk-in wardrobe

July 15, 2021

You’re dreaming of the perfect walk-in wardrobe, but you have no idea where to start – we hear this a lot. This article will take you through the six steps we commonly work through with our clients to help them achieve their goals within the limitations of their space and budget.

1. How much space do you have?

First up, let’s get clear on the space you have for the wardrobe. Whatever happens, this is going to be one of the hard limits to your creation, as you only have so much space to work with. Begin measuring up to create a rough plan on paper.

For some, this could mean getting out the measuring tape – for others it could be looking at the building plan to see how much capacity has been allowed for. Either way you need to end up with some shapes on paper that relate to the space for your new dream walk-in wardrobe.

2. How should you use the space?


Now, let’s work on how you want to use the space. It’s not practical to fill the whole space with storage and leave no room for you. So it’s good to think through what you want to do in the space as well as what you need to store.

For instance, you may want it to be a place to put on makeup, or have enough space to check out your outfit in a full-length mirror. Where the space needs to cater for more people than just you, make sure you check in with all parties involved to create a list of needs to suit everyone.

3. Types and amount of clothes that need storage


Let’s look at the amount and type of items you want your walk-in wardrobe to contain. Our clothes are as individual as we are – those in corporate life will have storage needs that differ from those with a more casual work attire.

Shoes and accessories could be a small part of someone’s wardrobe but a major part of someone else’s. It goes without saying that women and men have different needs too. For instance, the length of a lot of women’s clothing is generally a lot longer than most men’s.

Take your time to make a list of the type of clothes requiring storage. Don’t worry too much about if it will all fit – we can take care of that later – just build a complete list.

4. Don’t forget items that may not immediately seem logical


It’s not all about clothes. For example, a well designed but hidden jewellery tray could put the finishing touch on your ideal walk-in wardrobe. Allowing for space to store bed linen could take up a small amount of room but save you countless trips up and down stairs.

The light you have to work with in your walk-in wardrobe needs to be thought through too. Windows may need to be frosted to protect privacy and ensure clothes are not harmed by direct sunlight. The type and amount of artificial lighting needed will depend on how you want to use your wardrobe space.

And finally, the dream might be about creating enough space for you to have a moment of peace away from the family. A place to sit down, apply some makeup, pick the right clothes for the occasion and collect yourself before heading out.

Think of these first planning stages as the foundation of your project. Take your time to work through the steps, building a solid understanding to support your wardrobe project.

5. Move from plans to options – with the help of the Boston Wardrobes Wardrobe Design Showroom


It’s time to move from thinking and planning to seeing and discovering the wide range of options available to you. The Boston Wardrobes Showroom is the ideal next step to make your dream a reality.

With the help of one of our wardrobe design experts, you can see multiple walk-in wardrobe examples in one place, deciding exactly what options suit your requirements.

  • Not sure how many drawers you need? How big they should be?
  • Will 3/4 length hanging work for your suits?
  • Should shoes be at eye level or running along the bottom?
  • How much room do you need for a sitting makeup station?
  • Which accessories will add the most value to your design?
  • Will sliding or bi-folding doors be better for the space?
  • What colours and finishes will best suit your vision?

We can answer all of these questions while we explore all the ranges available at our Grafton site – New Zealand’s largest and newest wardrobe showroom.

Include the drawer system from one of our wardrobes, a sliding door from another, perhaps a makeup stand from a third – it’s as simple as selecting which parts suit your needs to create the ideal wardrobe for you.

6. Achieving the right balance between Function and Form

The Boston Wardrobe design team are experts at creating a walk-in wardrobe design that looks great, works well and is at the right price point to suit your budget. It’s a collaborative process, so you can expect a few ideas to come your way to help you end up with the perfect solution.

So there you have it – six simple steps to take you from bare space to the welcoming walk-in wardrobe of your dreams.

Time to get the measuring tape out?

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