How to measure for your next wardrobe

Whether you are adding a wardrobe as part of a renovation or replacing an existing system, the first step is to come into our showroom for an appointment with your design consultant. Check out our tips below on how to measure your space so you can come best prepared.


How to measure space for wardrobe organisers (interior)

  1. Left-hand return width
  2. Internal depth
  3. Internal back wall length
  4. Right-hand return width
  5. Height of door opening
  6. Height of ceiling

Things to look out for:

  • Power points & lights – take note of positions and size
  • Windows, hatches, architraves, sills, curtain rails etc.

How to measure door openings

  1. Height left side
  2. Height centre
  3. Height right side
  4. Top width between door jambs
  5. Centre width between door jambs
  6. Bottom width between door jambs
  7. Width of door jamb

Take note of what floor surface you have measured from – carpet, ceramic tiles, vinyl, cork, bare wood or concrete floor? If you have measured from a bare wood or concrete floor, are you planning to fit carpet or some other type of floor covering?


Download our Free Design Guide

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