Reach-in Wardrobe Design Ideas

Reach-in wardrobes provide a convienient storage solution in a range of rooms in your home. Whether you are adding a reach-in wardrobe as part of a renovation, or including one in your new home build, it’s important to make a decision that works for the space, and for your storage needs. View our recent projects in the gallery below and get inspiration for your own reach-in wardrobe.

Boston wardrobes are constructed locally with New Zealand made panels and high-quality imported componentry.

A reach-in wardrobe provides a tidy storage space for clothing and personal items, so there’s less need for furniture such as drawers in your bedroom. It not only keeps your space clutter-free, but makes your clothes easily accessible, while helping you maintain and care for your garments.

We produce reach-in wardrobes that will enhance your living spaces and add value to your home. As a NZ-owned family company with more than 30 years experience designing and installing wardrobes, we offer you peace of mind that your project will be completed to the highest standard.

To help you with planning reach-in wardrobes in your home, we’ve put a guide to planning storage solutions for a renovation or new home – download it below.

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Whether you’re adding a new wardrobe as part of a renovation, including wardrobes in your new home, or simply want to update your wardrobe doors to suit your decor, it’s important to make a decision that meets the needs of your unique space. Our detailed design guide can help you get started.