How much will a new wardrobe cost?

March 8, 2021

If you’re in the market for new storage, it’s likely that one of the first questions you’ll be asking is: how much will a new wardrobe cost me?

You’re not alone. Unlike a lot of other consumer products in the market, wardrobes are “price invisible”. In other words, thanks to advertising, most people have a rough idea of what consumer products are going to cost them – cars, refrigerators, mobile phones, furniture, clothes… But wardrobes? Nope. It’s not surprising that you’ve come in search of an answer.

Why the mystery?

The huge range of designs, sizes, colours, accessories, and technical complexities of the installation of a wardrobe can create a large disparity in pricing between one wardrobe design and another. For example, a walk-in wardrobe in an average house can cost anywhere from $1000 to $10,000.

What makes this price range so broad, and how can you get an idea of what kind of budget you’ll need to set aside for your own wardrobe?

Well, it all depends on your unique storage requirements and the particulars of your available space. To help you get a better understanding of how far your dollar will go, here are six key factors to consider that will influence the final cost of your new wardrobe.


The two images above demonstrate how two wardrobes of the same size could vary greatly in price. By using a different product range, adding more components, using colour panels, and including accessories, you would end up with two very different quotes.

1. Space

Pull out your measuring tape, because the first place to start is to get an idea of what kind of space you are working with. We recommend you aim for a minimum of 1.8 metres for a reach-in wardrobe and 2.4 metres of wall space per person for walk-in wardrobes. 700mm depth will allow for hanging clothing, which can protrude as much as 600mm, with an additional 100mm for easy viewing and access.

Not surprisingly, the size of the available space will not only influence the required organiser components but also the dimensions of the wardrobe doors, which will both in turn affect the price.


2. Drawers

Have you thought about the amount – and type – of drawers that you need?

How many do you need? How wide should they be? How high? How deep? Open-topped, push-to-open or with handles? All of a sudden, your pricing just got a lot more complex!

These decisions will be dictated by what type of garments you need to store – as well as what budget you are working towards. So have a look at your existing clothing and think about whether drawers are the best storage options for you, and how many you might require.

Undergarments including socks, hosiery, bras and underwear will typically be stored in a drawer, as well as certain types of accessories (scarves, belts) jewellery, and some clothing items (t-shirts, leggings, pyjamas)


3. Shelves

Jeans, woollen jumpers and sweaters are best stored on open shelves. To give you an idea of storage capacity, you will be able to store two folded piles of clothing on 500mm or 600mm wide shelves, whereas on more narrow 400mm shelves you will only fit one pile.

Shelves have the potential to get a little disorganised, but by planning what will go on each shelf you can organise your space effectively – and avoid accidentally ending up with jumbled piles or other bits and pieces suddenly taking residence in your new wardrobe.


4. Hanging Space

To really optimise your hanging space, a double-hanging set-up is the way to go. This allows you to maximise clothes hanging space by having one rail above another (providing that an overall height of at least 2.1 metres is available). Long hanging space and 3/4 hanging are also handy for winter coats or full-length gowns, and can be set at custom heights depending on your requirements.


5. Accessories

Do you have an enviable shoe collection, an impressive handbag haul or a selection of ties for every day of the year?

Whatever your fashion indulgence, there are a number of available add-ons for wardrobes which can make organising your space and getting dressed in the mornings much more efficient – belt and tie racks, pull out trouser racks, specialised jewellery drawers, fold away mirrors – the list goes on. These add ons will affect the design and pricing of your wardrobe, but will also improve the overall organisation in line with your needs.


6. Installation costs

Installation costs should also be considered. It’s possible that you may need to employ the services of a builder before having your wardrobe installed. For example, if you need the opening to your wardrobe made larger to get full access to the available space, or if you need to create the wardrobe cavity by building out from an existing wall – so these costs will depend on how complex the space is that you’re working with.

Where do you start?

As you can see, there are multiple factors influencing the cost of a wardrobe, so it’s pretty tricky to give you a ballpark figure until we’ve had a chance to understand all of the variables.

Once you have discussed your particular requirements with your wardrobe sales consultant, you can then start to think about designing within the restraints of your budget.

At Boston, we have a wide range of storage and door solutions suited to all budgets. Organisers can range from the basic efficiency of our wall-mounted Select range, to the stylish elegance of the Innova range, which has the added benefit of easy dismantling if you were to move house. Our range of doors also includes options for all budgets, without ever compromising on quality and durability.

It’s good to keep in mind that whatever you decide, your new wardrobe is going to be a fixture – that is, a permanent component of your home. Quality fixtures are not only solving a problem (lack of storage space or un-practical wardrobe fitouts), but they will ultimately add value to your home. Making sure you choose a reputable company with experienced sales and installation teams will save you money in the long run – do it once and do it right.

If you’re ready to investigate further, we’d love to help. Get in touch today to organise a free consultation at our Grafton showroom.

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